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Wars and Rumors of Wars

Series: The Time Is Now


Now Is The Time 
Wars and Rumors of Wars
Hebrews 5:14
Matthew 24:6
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Psalms 27:3-5
Matthew 10:28
Countries with Nuclear Weapons.
Russia 5977
United States 5428
China 350
France 290
United Kingdom 225
Pakistan 165
India 160
Israel 90
North Korea 20
This study was updated 5-19-2022
state-world-nuclear forces/.com
Revelation 19:11-21
Luke 12:49-53
Matthew 24:7-8
Jeremiah 14:12
Pandemics Casualties 
1918 Spanish Flu 40 mill died
1957-1958 Asia Flu 1.1 died 
1968 Hong Kong Flu 1 mill died
1981-early 90s HIV aids 35 mill died
2019-to present day Covid 19 6.34mill died
Revelation 16:18
Matthew 27:50-54
Matthew 24:8

Speaker: Chuck Sharp

February 12, 2023

Chuck Sharp

Lead Pastor

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